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Bib #Last Name First NameTime Team Name Sex Age
Bib #Last Name First NameTime Team Name Sex Age
633Campbell633 Blair01:00:13Male23
649Smellie649 Carol01:00:40Female48
186Barrie886 Robin01:03:39Female27
175Paton875 Rhona01:06:46Female34
678Moore678 Karen01:07:05Female40
637Todd637 Fiona01:21:25Female29
640Pollock640 Craig01:21:25Male33
641Lawrie641 Kevin01:22:57Male41
647Stien647 Gary01:23:00Male38
626Dunnett626 Gayle01:25:20Team MAUFemale30
627Whiteford627 Douglas01:25:20Team MAUMale32
625Farrell625 Donna01:25:21Team MAUFemale35
628Dick628 Emma01:25:21Team MAUFemale36
614Miller614 Gillian01:25:44Hot GossipsFemale45
612Mcallister612 Barbara01:25:44Hot GossipsFemale43
604Snedden604 Ruth01:25:44Hot GossipsFemale43
613Wilson613 Lorna01:25:45Hot GossipsFemale43
643Mcallister643 Callum01:30:05Male18
629Brown629 Kirsty01:37:40Team PBFemale37
621Cooper621 Michele01:42:18So solid crewFemale38
624Smith624 Lesley01:42:19So solid crewFemale36
631Burns631 Lynne01:42:22Female42
622Mcqeen622 Tracy01:42:22So solid crewFemale31
615Boyle615 Julie02:00:37Pure Gym CraziesFemale35
617Lawson617 Louise02:00:37Pure Gym CraziesFemale30
616Fraser616 Alana02:00:37Pure Gym CraziesFemale29
618Russell618 Robert02:00:37Pure Gym CraziesMale28
636Mcphillips636 Stephanie-Sarah02:06:27Female26
634Mcivor634 Nicola02:06:27Female28
635Mcphillips635 Rosie02:06:28Female54
642Higgins642 StephenDNFMale38
644Young644 LornaDNFFemale35
646Young646 MartinDNFMale31
602Mooney602 CharlieDNSAntonineMale22
632Matthews632 CeriDNSFemale25

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