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Oct 2, 2022
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

The URL for the Live Results page has been updated.

Apr 7, 2022
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

We have a new page for live results.

Sep 11, 2021
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

The Raynes North Run 2021 Results

CMS - 2.2.15 - Bonaventure

The KitST  clocks are designed to make timing orienteering and running events simple. Once configured they should be "turn on and go".

KitST Clocks are designed to give a simple to use, accurate and visible clock to time Orienteering, Running and other sports.

For information on the new Version 2 model (2020 ) continue below. For information on the older Version 1 follow this link:Version 1 Clocks


For Orienteering the clock can be configured to be a Start, Pre Start or Finish display.

  • In Start mode the clock gives an audible countdown and start signal each minute.
  • In Pre Start mode the time display is offset by the Pre Start interval and gives an audible signal each minute. i.e. at Start 12:00:00 the Pre Start can show 12:04:00
  • In Finish mode the clock shows real time with no beeps.

For Running the clock can use Clock Time or be easily configured as a Stop Clock starting from 00:00:00. The clcok can be started , stopped and reset using the keypad.

The built in Highly Accurate Real Time Clock is set and synchronised using the configuration software via a USB connection cable. This battery backed clock maintains time when the clock display is turned off.

The clock display is powered by a 5v re-chargeable battery which gives 8+ hours of use and can then be re charged in a few hours.

The software interface communicates via the serial port and allows setting of:

  • Time
  • Sound On or Off
  • Clock Type: Start Finish etc.
  • Pre Start Offset in minutes
  • Time zone

KitST V2 Rear

The clock is enclosed in a robust plastic case which is weather resistant but like most electronic systems is not immersion proof. The case is designed to easily fit on a loud speaker stand.


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