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TeamCategoryFinishing TimeRankWith BandEtagBib#
TeamCategoryFinishing TimeRankWith BandEtagBib#
racing raccoonsFemale Elite 01:05:071YES57474
Vengadores BeOne BRILAT (F)Female Elite 01:06:102YES633133
OPISOFemale Elite 01:12:593YES643143
Flying MonkeysFemale Elite 01:15:184YES52424
Spartainfit3Female Elite 01:28:175YES58585
MIT OrangeBabesFemale Elite 01:32:326YES54949
Team ObstacleTrainingFemale Elite 01:23:307NO607107
Mud Running Mothers of Magnificent Rainbow-coloredFemale Open 01:40:321YES678178
Team OCR Norway BitchesFemale Open 01:20:282NO610110
Muddy BuddiesFemale Open 01:39:163NO55454
SpartainFit4Female Open 01:40:534NO58787
Parklands Tough runningFemale Open 01:42:405NO56868
Swat girlsFemale Open 02:04:436NO59393
inverse&olllu.racersMale Elite 00:45:321YES683183
Team OCR HeroesMale Elite 00:47:312YES608108
Hang OnMale Elite 00:47:383YES705205
Ninja TurtlesMale Elite 00:47:574YES55555
Vengadores BeOne BRILATMale Elite 00:48:105YES632132
team WRIMale Elite 00:48:176YES670170
Urban Sky Team BelgiumMale Elite 00:48:237YES630130
Team Fast as F*ckMale Elite 00:48:518YES600100
Team Skins DenmarkMale Elite 00:49:169YES616116
xRunnersMale Elite 00:49:2810YES637137
De BunkrMale Elite 00:50:0511YES51414
OCRBLRMale Elite 00:50:2112YES56666
Team Flying DaddyMale Elite 00:50:2613YES679179
The Italian StallionsMale Elite 00:52:4114YES621121
Hang On 3Male Elite 00:52:5615YES53232
Vengadores BeOne BRILAT AMale Elite 00:53:1716YES634134
MIT Tough Team SweMale Elite 00:54:1017YES690190
BritsPolskiMale Elite 00:54:1918YES5077
GorŽ?cy Potok2Male Elite 00:54:4319YES52929
Team Ultimate OCRMale Elite 00:55:0020YES619119
Germany 1Male Elite 00:55:2321YES52727
EuroUKMale Elite 00:58:2822YES51919
Swat MasterMale Elite 00:59:2923YES59494
Hang On 2Male Elite 00:59:4124YES53131
Spartain Fit #23Male Elite 01:00:5925YES58282
Team from polandMale Elite 01:02:5226YES671171
Racers Legion AlicanteMale Elite 01:03:0827YES57373
GorŽ?cy Potok1Male Elite 01:04:4628YES52828
Spartainfit1Male Elite 01:05:1129YES58383
Team A.K.AMale Elite 01:08:1730YES59696
OCR BELGIUM WALLONIAMale Elite 01:09:5431YES56262
OCR FuldaMale Elite 01:11:2532YES56363
SpartainFit2Male Elite 01:11:4033YES58484
LG FuldaMale Elite 01:12:5634YES54545
Team TerrorMale Elite 01:14:1135YES618118
Team Ireland - OCRMale Elite 01:14:5036YES604104
PERSEO OCR TEAMMale Elite 01:16:1037YES673173
Tough Rangers Netherlands 1Male Elite 01:17:3138YES627127
Swat FranceMale Elite 01:18:3439YES693193
Team Elite GermanyMale Elite 01:21:0640YES59898
RTC PODMale Elite 01:21:1141YES57676
3KlÇ÷verenOCRMale Elite 01:33:2642YES687187
Kings t'NorthMale Elite 01:52:0743YES54040
Sports Unlimited AthleteMale Elite 01:19:4444NO59191
Slavic DivisionMale Elite 01:31:2145NO710210
OCR GungvalaMale Open 00:55:431YES682182
Team VarjagenMale Open 00:55:542YES620120
French JERMale Open 00:58:323YES52525
Last MinuteMale Open 00:59:114YES54444
ZeroLimitsMale Open 00:59:405YES639139
KONIUCHY OCRMale Open 01:01:436YES699199
team mauroMale Open 01:04:147YES708208
SPAIN PRO TEAMMale Open 01:04:278YES58181
Dutch Dirt DevilsMale Open 01:05:009YES51616
Kiss GymMale Open 01:07:0010YES684184
TEAM SKÇ?NEFITNESSMale Open 01:09:2811YES615115
KesbekeMale Open 01:11:2812YES53939
Team Pro FitMale Open 01:11:4413YES612112
INVICTIMale Open 01:12:3814YES53737
Psycho SquadMale Open 01:13:5215YES57272
DAS TEAM OCR 2Male Open 01:15:0016YES680180
ModderfukkersMale Open 01:15:4417YES55252
Team RAM_NLMale Open 01:21:3518YES614114
Cliff lakesMale Open 01:28:0019YES5088
DziadyMale Open 01:28:0020YES712212
Obstacle CrasherMale Open 01:33:0821YES56060
InvictiMale Open 01:33:1922YES696196
Primos ocrMale Open 01:37:5623YES685185
Mataus TeamMale Open 01:37:5624YES54646
Zimmer FramersMale Open 01:40:3425YES672172
SpartainFit4Male Open 01:42:5526YES58686
Team STSMale Open 01:52:4827YES617117
Team Ram 1Male Open 02:05:0628YES613113
Team GetFitGymMale Open 01:35:1429NO602102
Cool RunningsMale Open 01:45:4130NO5099
OCR Training Denmark // Inov8Mixed Elite 00:47:021YES56565
Czech RepublicMixed Elite 00:48:152YES51010
FADA TR1BE OCRMixed Elite 00:48:513YES52222
PolandMixed Elite 00:49:594YES57070
Elite team OCRA SlovakiaMixed Elite 00:50:165YES51818
OCR BELARUSMixed Elite 00:54:236YES56161
TOROMixed Elite 00:55:277YES625125
Nuclear PhoenixMixed Elite 00:55:588YES55858
Urban-sky team NetherlandsMixed Elite 00:58:079YES709209
Team Glorious Butts DKMixed Elite 00:59:2110YES603103
Dangerous DanesMixed Elite 01:01:3411YES51111
BeFit24TeamMixed Elite 01:02:0512YES715215
level x spartan crossMixed Elite 01:02:4713YES719219
InvictusMixed Elite 01:03:2214YES53838
Team OCR Norway a-teamMixed Elite 01:11:4915YES689189
Hang On 4Mixed Elite 01:14:3316YES706206
MIT Tough TeamMixed Elite 01:17:0717YES720220
Husaria Race Team SzczecinekMixed Elite 01:17:1218YES53434
Artful Dodgers OCRMixed Elite 01:18:1619YES5055
SherpartanosMixed Elite 01:21:3420YES57878
#aminhamaenaodeixaMixed Elite 01:27:1721YES703203
Extreme team KolinMixed Open 00:51:581YES700200
Extremfabriken/OCR Team SwedenMixed Open 00:57:482YES52121
ALGRAF RACE TEAMMixed Open 00:59:323YES5044
SkedikaMixed Open 00:59:374YES57979
Team Extremfabriken 1Mixed Open 01:04:525YES59999
Norwegian OCR VikingsMixed Open 01:10:076YES55757
Norn IrelandMixed Open 01:11:507YES55656
The Smevs poseMixed Open 01:18:428YES622122
The Three MooseketeersMixed Open 01:21:349YES623123
MC ErikMixed Open 01:23:1410YES54747
German Trio Infernale/GNIMixed Open 01:23:3511YES52626
KNWMixed Open 01:31:3412YES54242
CrossopsMixed Open 01:47:4013YES686186
Sports Club OCR SwedenMixed Open 01:49:3314YES59090
Ç?ber BitchesMixed Open 01:52:0015YES629129
Rtc-pod mixteMixed Open 01:53:5516YES57777
Team BushidoMixed Open 02:05:2817YES59797
Tough Rangers Netherlands 2Mixed Open 02:05:3518YES628128
DAS TEAM OCR 1Mixed Open 02:27:1619YES51212
Dirty DevilsMixed Open 02:34:1320YES51515
318Mixed Open 01:22:5021NO688188
Team LMGMixed Open 01:32:4722NO605105
Nuclear Phoenix OCRMixed Open 01:33:0823NO55959
TORO MASTERMixed Open 01:46:1024NO626126
TheBeachTeamMixed Open 01:48:0825NO624124
RAM_NLMixed Open 01:49:5826NO57575
Szalone Koniuchy Open 01:10:44ZUnknownUsed wrong chip

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