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May 19, 2017
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

Live (provisional) Results for Bing Blazer 2017.

May 3, 2017
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

Only a few days to go. The results pages are all ready here Kintyre Way Ultra 2017 . We hope you are ready too.

Mar 14, 2017
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

The 2016-17 series concluded last Sunday. The results ( both senior and junior ) are available on the Events page.

A few edits to names to be added - please bear with us!

We hope you enjoyed the runs whether you came once or all winter. We will be back next year with more Ginger Bread.

Finish Line Photos are also available here: Photos

CMS - 2.1.6 - Spanish Wells

Results for all of the Bing Blazer waves can be found here.

Click on the wave you were in.

Bing Blazer 10km Elite        Bing King 20km

Bing Blazer 10km               Bing Blazer Team

For OCRAUK Champs please note these results do not include Obstacle Completion see OCRAUK for details.

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