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Bib #Last Name First Name Chip Time Athlete TypePosition
Bib #Last Name First Name Chip Time Athlete TypePosition
113Mair - Petra & KatieJenny 39:305k Female 2 dog Sun1
106Weeks - Rickyjim & AmelieSue 49:155k Female 2 dog Sun2
109Robertson - Bruach & LiadhMargueriteDNS5k Female 2 dog Sun.
112Mckinstry - PoppyJordan 29:515k Female Sun1=
129Molloy - LexiIsla 29:515k Female Sun1=
59Simpson - New Dog TbcJennifer 30:325k Female Sun2
114Mckirdy - RoxyJo 31:035k Female Sun3
110Anderson - FloydClaire 32:025k Female Sun4
105Dodds - ExhoAvril 35:585k Female Sun5
111Dempster - CobiEmma 36:125k Female Sun6
107Borthwick - PaddySusan 38:005k Female Sun7
117Galbraith - MollyJanet 40:415k Female Sun8
108Ramsay - BinkyFionaDNS5k Female Sun.
115Winning - PollyHelenDNS5k Female Sun.
116Mceleavy - SashaKatherineDNS5k Female Sun.
131Garrod - LucasHazelDNS5k Female Sun.
133Leckie - YurakAngieDNS5k Female Sun.
128Dredge - Tilly & HollyWarwick 24:585k Male Sun1
130Bull - CooperMatt 29:025k Male Sun2
118Little - BerryMike 29:135k Male Sun3
132Doolan - Sophie*AndrewDNS5k Male Sun.
55Broadfoot - KiaKevinDNS5k Male Sun.

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