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May 3, 2017
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

Only a few days to go. The results pages are all ready here Kintyre Way Ultra 2017 . We hope you are ready too.

Mar 14, 2017
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

The 2016-17 series concluded last Sunday. The results ( both senior and junior ) are available on the Events page.

A few edits to names to be added - please bear with us!

We hope you enjoyed the runs whether you came once or all winter. We will be back next year with more Ginger Bread.

Finish Line Photos are also available here: Photos

Feb 12, 2017
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

A cold wind today but still some good times too.

Junior Winner Ben Henderson 10:31 First Female Moli Robb 11:59

Senior Male 'Edinburgh Toughest'  18:12 Senior Female Julie Ramsay 22:36

The results are at Events / Strathearn Winter Trail Series.



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About Us

We are a Father and Son team.

Ted (the Father)

KitSt started as Teds 'hobby' with the aim to produce economic clocks to meet the needs of race organisers.

“As a race organiser I found that there was no easily available clock that would support the timed start requirements for Orienteering. The first project was to supply a set of Start Clocks for the Scottish Orienteering Association. Details of this project can be found on my home page.

If the SOA clocks are a Rolls Royce then KiST are the Ford Escort or perhaps VW Golf of clocks

The KitST clocks are built around an embedded micro processor and so can be customised to users requirements. User feedback has led to a number of added features such as the SLOW option to delay the time and the Start Beeps option in the Stop Clock.

I welcome comments and feedback and any requests for new features.

Cheers Ted”

Ted has competed at the highest level in Orienteering and has been involved in organising more than one World championships. He continues to reach the podium in events around the world in his age group.


Ben (the Son)

Ben joined KitST when we introduced the chip timing service.

“As a race participant I was often frustrated that the smaller good quality races couldn’t provide chip timing as it was too costly. The technology exists to make this available to everyone. It just needs a little technical know how to make it work.

If we provide accurate timing and good quality results we can reduce the stress in organising events.”

Ben is keen participant in Obstacle Course Racing and is often found up to his ears in mud and aims to reach a high level within his age group at the UK Champs.

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