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May 3, 2017
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

Only a few days to go. The results pages are all ready here Kintyre Way Ultra 2017 . We hope you are ready too.

Mar 14, 2017
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

The 2016-17 series concluded last Sunday. The results ( both senior and junior ) are available on the Events page.

A few edits to names to be added - please bear with us!

We hope you enjoyed the runs whether you came once or all winter. We will be back next year with more Ginger Bread.

Finish Line Photos are also available here: Photos

Feb 12, 2017
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

A cold wind today but still some good times too.

Junior Winner Ben Henderson 10:31 First Female Moli Robb 11:59

Senior Male 'Edinburgh Toughest'  18:12 Senior Female Julie Ramsay 22:36

The results are at Events / Strathearn Winter Trail Series.



CMS - 2.1.6 - Spanish Wells

The KitST  clocks are designed to make timing orienteering and running events simple. Once configured they should be "turn on and go"

KitST Clocks are designed to give a simple to use, accurate and visible clock to time Orinteering, Running and sports.For Orienteering the clock can be configured via the Serial interface to be a Start, Pre Start or Finish display.

  • In Start mode the clock gives an audible countdown and start signal each minute
  • In Pre Start mode the time display is offset by the Pre Start interval and gives an audible signal each minute.
  • In Finish mode the clock shows real time only, finish times can be transmitted via the serial port if required.

For Running the clock can use Clock Time or be easily configured as a Stop Clock starting from 00:00:00

The built in Highly Accurate Real Time Clock is set and synchronised using the configuration software via a USB connection cable. This battery backed clock maintains time when the clock display is turned off.

The clock display is powered by a 9.6v re-chargeable battery which gives 6+ hours of use and can be re charged with a standard NiMH battery charger.

The software interface communicates via the serial port and allows setting of:

  • Time
  • Sound On or Off
  • Summer/Daylight Saving Time On or Off
  • Pre Start Offset in minutes

If required, split times can be transmitted via the USB port to a PC. The Stop Watch mode is controlled by an the push button on the case or an external hand held push button.

The clock is enclosed in a robust plastic case which is weather resistant but like most electronic systems is not immersion proof. The case is designed to easily fit on a loud speaker stand.

The KitST design allows for customisation. For example a customised model has been developed   that will also provide timing for athletics and other sports coaches organising Interval Training Sessions.

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