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Bing Blazer 5km

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LewisDolan18100:41:34M175km or 8km -1181
BartlomiejWzorek43900:51:27M365km or 8km -1439
MarkGordon21300:52:38M505km or 8km -1213
PAULAITCHISON10300:57:06M465km or 8km -1103
ScottAllan10501:00:46M355km or 8km -1105
Marie-ClaireHoggans23001:06:59F305km or 8km -1230
ChrisHoggans47501:07:00M315km or 8km -1229
Sarah JaneChristie45101:08:44F0
KirstyMcKissock29801:08:44F315km or 8km -1298
KimConnacher16401:09:31F335km or 8km -1164
StevenConnacher16501:09:33M375km or 8km -1165
LynsayMcEwen29201:15:01F335km or 8km -1292
RosalindCarr15501:15:02F575km or 8km -1155
LauraHogarth48901:15:02M325km or 8km -1228
jacquelineForrest20201:15:02F525km or 8km -1202
SusanStrang41201:15:02F435km or 8km -1412
ScottRodgers37501:16:34M315km or 8km -1375
TiffanyWood43701:18:05F395km or 8km -1437
EileenRoss37701:21:26F575km or 8km -1377
DerekShort39601:21:29M425km or 8km -1396
JoanneFinn19701:22:48F315km or 8km -1197
AlyshaReid36501:22:51F335km or 8km -1365
MickScott48401:23:03M385km or 8km -1388
TracyMcqueen30601:24:41F325km or 8km -1306
EmmaMcCann28601:24:43F345km or 8km -1286
LaurieInnes23401:27:12F265km or 8km -1234
EmmaMurray33301:27:27F295km or 8km -1333
MartinCarr47201:27:59M585km or 8km -1153
AshleyWhite42901:29:27F305km or 8km -1429
NicolaBarclay11801:29:31F405km or 8km -1118
KirsteenSteven40901:29:32F405km or 8km -1409
StephanieFord20101:29:32F325km or 8km -1201
FraserMcCurdy29001:29:33M265km or 8km -1290
JohnMartin28001:37:22M345km or 8km -1280
HeatherMartin27901:37:22M335km or 8km -1279

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