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May 4, 2021
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Posted by: ted

Start List and Results
Kintyre Way Ultra 2021

Aug 24, 2020
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

The links for Live Results and Tracking are available.
The Results page shows that Start List at the moment.

Please remember "It’s the Ultra folks, but not as we know it."
Several aspects of the event will have to be different to keep in line with the Guidance from the Scottish Government and from Scottish Athletics.

Feb 1, 2020
Category: KitST
Posted by: ted

Follow the link for Strathearn 2020 Results.
Follow the link for results - sorry for the delay, we had to sort out a few anomalies.

CMS - 2.2.15 - Bonaventure

The Version 2 clocks can have the firmware upgraded by the user in the comfort of their own home!

Download the latest firmware file here: LatestFirmware

The download is a zip file with the latest firmware inside. The file type is 'uf2'

Save this file to an easy to remember safe place such as the desktop.

Connect to the clock using the configuration software send the Update command by entering U.

Change to Upload Mode

The clock responds with a message and goes into 'load' mode. There is a new ITSYBOOT drive on Windows Explorer.

Upload Response

You can drag the saved uf2 file to the drive to upload it. 


Drop the UF2 file!

The clock will reset and start using the new firmware.

Please contact me if there is a problem.

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