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Clyde Stride Relay Splits
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BibTeam NameTimeRankLeg 1Time 1Leg 2Time 2Leg 3Tme 3Leg 4Time 4Time
BibTeam NameTimeRankLeg 1Time 1Leg 2Time 2Leg 3Tme 3Leg 4Time 4Time
102Maryhillbillies Relay04:58:461Leg 101:11:02 Leg 201:21:48Leg 300:53:04Leg 401:32:5204:58:46
104Return of the MAC Relay05:26:232Leg 101:08:07 Leg 201:31:15Leg 301:08:36Leg 401:38:2505:26:23
101Team Lawesome Relay05:26:413Leg 101:10:16 Leg 201:19:16Leg 301:03:23Leg 401:53:4605:26:41
108Run Rhaw Angels Relay05:35:594Leg 101:16:22 Leg 201:36:13Leg 301:10:36Leg 401:32:4805:35:59
111Tinto Hill Runners Relay05:51:065Leg 101:13:07 Leg 201:39:18Leg 301:22:55Leg 401:35:4605:51:06
103Marydolls Relay05:53:426Leg 101:21:54 Leg 201:40:15Leg 301:17:44Leg 401:33:4905:53:42
112parkrun patter merchants Relay06:07:167Leg 101:42:55 Leg 201:33:35Leg 301:14:02Leg 401:36:4406:07:16
107Maryoverthehill Relay06:35:588Leg 101:16:24 Leg 201:51:45Leg 301:23:06Leg 402:04:4306:35:58
109Run Crabbit Run Relay06:43:449Leg 101:31:26 Leg 201:48:57Leg 301:17:39Leg 402:05:4206:43:44
105Jog Lanark Young Ones Relay06:43:5310Leg 101:29:05 Leg 202:04:19Leg 301:20:05Leg 401:50:2406:43:53
106John Muir's Granny Relay06:44:0411Leg 101:31:25 Leg 201:48:55Leg 301:17:35Leg 402:06:0906:44:04
113Corra Linn Crawlers Relay06:49:2012Leg 101:36:08 Leg 201:45:44Leg 301:23:26Leg 402:04:0206:49:20
110Thighs The Limit Relay07:00:0013Leg 101:49:21 Leg 201:41:09Leg 301:35:09Leg 401:54:2107:00:00

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