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Bib #Last Name First Name Chip Time Athlete TypeGender
Bib #Last Name First Name Chip Time Athlete TypeGender
122Mckinstry - MaddieJordan 17:20Female Fun Run 16+Female
125Browning - MaxLynn 27:44Female Fun Run 16+Female
123Mendoza - DoyleHeidiDNSFemale Fun Run 16+Female
124Rourke - LottieHelenDNSFemale Fun Run 16+Female
120Winning - BaileyAidanDNSJuniorsMale
121Winning - BudMarkDNSJuniorsMale
127Dredge - TillyNicoleDNSJuniorsFemale
126Beer - MoscowKim 16:04KidsFemale
133Valentine - RoryPete 18:31KidsMale

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